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Ariana Grande Fixes Her Misspelled Japanese Tattoo With Some Help From Lidocaine

Our long national nightmare is over…Ariana Grande‘s Japanese tattoo has been fixed.

Earlier this week, Ari showed off a new tattoo on her palm: a series of Japanese characters.  While she wanted the tat to read “7 Rings,” it was missing a character, which meant that it actually spelled out a word that meant a small Japanese-style barbecue grill.

When fans pointed out the error, Ariana explained that she’d left out some characters because the tattoo was too painful, and joked, “Also…huge fan of tiny bbq grills.”

But on her Instagram story, Ari has now revealed that she’s “fixed” the tattoo to change the meaning.

In an IG story captured by Cosmopolitan, the singer posted a text conversation with a person named Ayumi, who she called her “tutor.”  Ayumi explained how, by adding one more character, Ariana could change the tattoo into a phrase that means “Seven finger circle,” aka “Seven Rings.”

Ariana then revealed a photo of the amended tattoo, covered with plastic, and captioned it, “slightly better thanks to my tutor for helping me fix…and to my doctor for the lidocaine shots (no joke).”

“Rip tiny charcoal grill,” she added. “miss u man. I actually really liked u.”

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