Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagicNot long ago, Miley Cyrus‘ boyfriend, singer/songwriter Cody Simpson, told E! News that he was “working on a project at the moment and recording throughout the holidays and should have an album out next year.”  He also said that he and Miley were “definitely” planning a collaboration.  Well, now it appears the two have taken the next step toward that goal.

E! News confirms that Miley’s company has filed legal documents requesting ownership of the name “Bandit and Bardot.”  In addition, there’s now a Bandit & Bardot Instagram account that doesn’t have any post, yet — but it’s only following two people.  Any guesses who those two people are?

It’s not clear if Bandit & Bardot is the name of a song, an album, the name that Miley and Cody plan to work under as a duo, or something else.  But Rolling Stone notes that the legal documents state that the name would be used for “live musical performances by a musical band…[and] live music concerts,” as well as, among other things, “musical sound recordings.”

While you wait for music to be released, you can pre-order Cody’s debut book of poetry, Prince Neptune.

On Instagram, Cody writes, “It is utterly unreal to announce the publication of my first collection of words. I am hooked to the art of literature just as I am to the art of music…..In this work I conjure imagery & explore themes of life, freedom, fame, revolt, escapism, nature, environmentalism.”

He continues, “I write because I yearn for entirely FREE & OPEN EXISTENCE through the liberation from social conventions. I write because I yearn for a CLEAN EARTH. I write because I am interested in REVOLT against all forms of oppression. I write because I must write & I write as PRINCE NEPTUNE.”

Prince Neptune arrives April 7.

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