Answers to Your Most-Asked Questions About the Coronavirus

Uncertainty about COVID-19 are spreading as quickly as the virus itself. CNN compiled its readers’ most frequently asked questions and provided answers on its website. Here are a few of the most popular questions and answers (see more at the link):

Q: Why is everyone stocking up on water bottles? Is the water supply at risk?
A: No. Drinking tap water is still fine.
Q:  Is it safe to get takeout from restaurants?
A: Yes, but consider wiping down the packaging and containers.
Q: Can I get coronavirus from a package sent from China?
A: No, according to the World Health Organization.
Q: How do I stay safe while traveling by plane?
A: Keep your hands clean. Use hand sanitizer, and use antiseptic wipes on armrests, door handles, remote controls, tray tables, etc.
Q: Do I need to wear a mask to prevent coronavirus?
A: If you’re healthy, no. If you have coronavirus or are caring for someone who does, then you can.
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