Source: YouTube

Here’s an update to a #SettingTheBar story we featured. You’ve probably seen the video of 44-year-old Corey Harris checking in to his Zoom court hearing about his suspended license…while he was driving on a suspended license. Then he claims he had a right to drive because a court cleared that up two years ago and there must be a clerical error.

NOW…we learn he NEVER HAD A LICENSE TO BEGIN WITH. Washtenaw County Judge J. Cedric Simpson did some digging through court documents and state records and discovered there was no clerical error. In the latest court hearing where Harris appeared in person, the judge said, “Let me make it very clear, based on what the court looked at — [Harris] has never had a Michigan license. Ever,”  “And he has never had a license in the other 49 states and commonwealths that form up this great union. He has never had a license.”