Uh oh…there are still two and a half months left for Adele’s Las Vegas residency and it looks like they are scrambling to keep the Colosseum full.

Outlandish ticket prices might be to blame.  When her first shows sold out, the price of tickets on ticket resale websites shot up to $48,371.  But according to a recent story in The Sun, the price of resale tickets has decreased by 90%, making each seat available for just $4,172. Still WAYYYY more than most would pay for a few hours of entertainment. Word got out last month that ultimate VIP seats to her concert were sold for almost $4.7 million as part of a Las Vegas Grand Prix package deal, there was surprise and outrage from fans. The Colosseum have admitted that certain performances aren’t even drawing a full audience and an insider says they use seat fillers to make it look fuller. There is even talk of being able to score front row tickets for a few hundred dollars at the last minute before showtime.

She recently admitted to the audience that she suffer from a form of nerve pain called sciatica.