American Idol recap: Katy Perry faints, a contestant goes viral, and what was that about sardines?

ABC/Scott Patrick Green(HOLLYWOOD) — American Idol further demonstrated its healthy crop talented singing hopefuls in its dramatic second episode of the season.

Getting the show started with a bang is Cyniah Elise, whose singing video went viral — amassing four million views on Facebook — and earned the first unanimous “yes” of the night from judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. Richie even likened her to the late singing legend Whitney Houston.

Now it’s time to cue the tears. After a video package in which Jovin Webb revealed he lost his mother unexpectedly, he opened his mouth to unleash a deep, soulful, bluesy voice that even gave Katy chills. Webb’s audition earned a standing ovation from the judges.

Unfortunately, Katy doesn’t stay standing for long. After noticing the smell of gas and getting a slight headache, Katy along with the entirJe crew of cast and contestants exit the building to let the fire department scope out the scene. While those outside are being checked over by paramedics, Katy collapses to the ground.  She doesn’t stay down for long, as she pops back up shortly after and thanks the workers for saving her.

Then it’s back to business as usual.

Margie Mays, a returning American Idol hopeful who was eliminated in Hawaii last season, makes her way back to the audition room — but this time she brings her boyfriend Jonny West. Mays succeeds in earning a second chance but, it’s really her boyfriend who woos the judges with his own original song…complete with it’s own rap break. He’s so good that the Katy thinks could make it farther in the competition than his girlfriend. 

Next up to impress the judges is singer/songwriter Julie Gargano. Inspired by past contestants Alejandro Aranda and Catie Turner she performed her original song “Growing Pains” which leave moves Katy to give her a hug and leaves Lionel speechless. Needless to say, she earned a trip to Hollywood.

This episode of American Idol consisted of mostly talented hopefuls, however, there were a few laughable moments…Like Broadway hopeful Claire Goodman, who gave us major vibes of the famous Scooby Doo character Velma with her short dark bob and glasses. Although Katy, Lionel and Luke were impressed with her voice, it wasn’t quite the fit for the show and they encouraged her to pursue her Broadway dreams.

Likewise, Eliza Catastrophe lived up to her last name and had the judges puzzled as she performed a song about sardines, which she had conveniently gifted each of them a can of before hand. Her bribes didn’t help her earn a trip to Hollywood, however, the quirky tune was stuck in Luke’s head afterwards.

American Idol airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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