Amazon Prime(NEW YORK) — Amazon Prime’s show The Boys was renewed even before its first season dropped on July 26, so it was clear the company was confident in it — but now there are some Nielsen numbers to back that up. 

The Wrap says the show about very flawed superheroes and the people seeking to make them pay reached nearly eight million viewers in the U.S. over its eight-episode season.

Nielsen’s numbers don’t include views on smartphones and tablets and only analyzes U.S. streaming data, so those numbers are likely far higher.

A TV mainstay, Nielsen has only recently been ranking streaming views for Netflix and now Amazon Prime. 

Star Trek movie series star Karl Urban plays Billy Butcher in The Boys, the head of a group of regular humans with an axe to grind against “supes.” Urban told ABC Audio “…I read this pilot script and sort of immediately recognized that this was an opportunity to do something quite extraordinary, and fun, and edgy…and I’m like: ‘Sign me up!’”

The second season of The Boys is currently shooting in Toronto, with no premiere date set as yet.

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