Photo Credit: ©2019 Sony Pictures Television. Image by Elena Nenkova(NEW YORK) — Amazon Prime has given the green light to a third season of Absentia, a thriller starring former Castle star Stana Katic, reports Deadline.

Katic, who’s also a co-producer of the show, plays an FBI agent who goes missing while hunting for a serial killer. Six years after being declared dead, she’s found alive, having survived a brutal regimen of psychological and physical torture.

She returns to her life to find it’s been turned upside down: her husband remarried, her son thinks she’s a stranger, and she’s the suspect in a series of murders she not sure she didn’t commit.

With its twists and turns, Absentia is very binge-able, and that’s O.K. with Katic, who was used to a traditional once-a-week drama rollout.

“I don’t remember watching television in another way anymore,” she laughs to ABC Audio. “I really don’t! I feel like it’s so normal to me to expect to be able to watch an entire season in a weekend, right?”

Katic says she’s heard from fans who binged the first seasons of Absentia surprisingly quickly.

“I guess for me in this role, I get excited by it and I’m grateful for it because they know how much it means for a show’s success to have people binge watch,” she says. “So that gets me really stoked.”

She adds, “That means we’re keeping them connected to the story — and it’s like reading a good book, ultimately. And so if we can keep an audience’s attention and we can keep them engaged enough to want to come back in and see it more, then I think we’re doing something right. Thankfully!” 

Kingsman: The Secret Service‘s Geoff Bell and Wonder Woman‘s Josette Simon have been added to the cast for the upcoming third season.

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