ABC Audio(NEW YORK) — Ahead of her Apple TV+ drama series, See, co-starring Jason Momoa, Alfre Woodard is reflecting on another one of her dramas: her Netflix film Juanita.

The film followed Woodard as the titular character, a woman who tries to reinvent herself after she gets fed up with taking care of her grown children.  Even though it was a drama, Juanita provided Woodard with a way to flex her comedic skills, an opportunity which the actress tells ABC Audio she readily welcomed.

She laughs, “My husband wrote that for me. Because he… knows me. He and my children know me and yeah… Juanita and I, we definitely could go to Bella Noche.”  Bella Noche is the bar Juanita frequents in the movie.

The film, which came out in March, is based on a book by Sheila Williams called Dancing on the Edge of the Roof. Woodard, who also served as an executive producer on the film, says she definitely interested in getting more projects that allow her to show her humorous side on screen.

“I am a literate person, so if anybody’s got great books like Sheila Williams, then, you know, talk to me about them,” she says. “You want to see me– if you want me to make you laugh, I will.  Just send me the script.” 

Meanwhile, See will be available on Apple TV+ on November 1. Juanita is currently streaming on Netflix.

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