Woodard as “Paris” in “See”/Apple TV+(NEW YORK) — Alfre Woodard is taking on a new and unique role in her upcoming Apple TV+ series, See.

In the series — which is set 600 years in the future after a virus leaves mankind blind — Woodard plays Paris, the village matriarch and spiritual leader. The actress tells ABC Audio that this particular role definitely challenged her.

“Talk about something I didn’t know I could do,” Woodard says. “Having to learn how to move about and learn the language of a vision-impaired person.”

“You have to…take it seriously, learning that,” she continues. “It’s not like walking around, bumping into things, touching things. It is a language as particular and communicative as we have in different tongues around the world.”

Because of the nature of the character, Woodard says she felt even more compelled to get it right.

“And I can’t imagine phoning a performance in. It’d be great if you could do that, probably,” she jokes. “But I am too honest.”

Thinking about her time on set, Woodard continues, “Because even sometimes when I’m working, I go like, ‘Stop it, stop it, stop it. That was so fake. I can’t bear myself.’”

Woodard says it’s challenging projects like See that really “capture [her] attention.”

“I always like to do things that I don’t know how to do already,” she says. “I can’t imagine anything worse than being bored as an actor at work… because if you’re bored, your viewers are going to be bored.”

See, also starring Jason Momoa, launches alongside Apple’s new $4.99-a-month streaming service, Apple TV+, on November 1.  

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