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Alessia Cara’s Next Release May Be Brand-New: “I’m Just Really Excited About The Stuff I’m Making”

Alessia Cara is currently on tour with Shawn Mendes and says she’s been using her downtime to start the next phase of her career, which fans may soon get to experience.

“I’m actually writing new songs, which is really exciting,” she tells ABC Radio when asked what she’s been doing on the road.

Alessia laughs, “My brain is always all over the place, so I get bored of stuff very easily and I move on to different phases of life very quickly, just with the job that I have and the lifestyle I live. So I’m writing a lot of new songs.”

Even though Alessia’s most recent album, The Pains of Growing, just came out in November, she says she’s already looking to leave that material behind in favor of her new stuff — and that stuff may even surface as the follow-up to her most recent hit, “Out of Love.”

“I think I might be releasing stuff sooner than I expected…so maybe the next single or the next thing will be something brand new,” Alessia reveals. “Which I’m leaning towards, because I’m just really excited about the new stuff I’ve been making.”

Alessia’s tour with fellow Canadian Shawn continues Tuesday in Denver, CO. Monday was Canada Day, which both artists marked on Twitter.  The two will be on the road together through August 31.

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