Alessia Cara started 2018 by winning the Grammy for Best New Artist, and she ended the year by releasing her sophomore album, The Pains of Growing. She says her New Year’s resolution will be finding a way to gracefully handle the accolades that regularly come her way.

“I feel like I’ve always been a person who lets a lot of things get to me and I’m pessimistic about myself, so maybe just training myself to not be self-deprecating all the time,” Alessia tells ABC Radio when asked if she has a New Year’s resolution. 

“I always do this thing where someone compliments me — I’ll be like, ‘Naw, thank you but no,’” she admits. 

The “Scars to Your Beautiful” singer believes that, unfortunately, our culture seems to discourage females from accepting praise or tooting their own horns.

“It’s a woman thing, like, we’re told we shouldn’t accept compliments, ’cause we’re conceited if we’re do,” she explains. “So we’re kinda trained to be, like, ‘Thank you, but no — you’re better. I’m not that good.’”

So from now on, Alessia declares, “I’m just gonna end it at ‘thank you’ and move forward. I’m gonna try really hard to just accept compliments and compliment myself.” 

Also in 2019, Alessia plans to launch a tour in support of The Pains of Growing.

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