TAS Rights ManagementYouTube and Food Network star Hannah Hart is one of many queer celebrities who appeared in Taylor Swift’s video for “You Need to Calm Down,” which won the MTV VMA for Video of the Year on August 26.  Hannah tells ABC Audio that the video’s huge cast may all be getting very special deliveries courtesy of Taylor at some point.

I actually think Taylor is giving everybody awards,” says Hannah. “I mean, I haven’t seen mine yet, but I think she’s mailing them to people…I think she asked for everyone who was involved in the video to also receive a[n] MTV Moon Man. So that’s pretty cool!”

If Hannah’s right, some of the stars who’ll be receiving their very own Moon Men include Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Adam Rippon, the Queer Eye cast and Billy Porter.

Hannah was actually onstage with Taylor when she accepted the award, and she tells ABC Audio, “Honestly, as a queer person, it was super dope that a video supporting our rights made it as video of the year, and that is just a moment I’ll never forget….it gives a really good message to all the kids growing up in America today.”

But surprisingly, considering Hannah’s best-known for her hit YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen, she says she and Taylor — or even Drunk Taylor — haven’t gotten together to cook or bake anything since the video shoot. But she’s got an idea of what they could make.

“We could make cookies that look like our cats!” declares Hannah. “‘Cause she’s got cats and I’ve got cats, and that’s a real conversation starter.” 

Your move, Taylor.

Hannah’s new book, My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!, is out now.

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