Source: YouTube

Organ donors Mark and Lynn Scotch found their new mission in life after a random visit to a bar. They are retired and were on a road trip when they stopped at a bar in Louisiana. That’s where Mark met Hugh and after some conversation, learned Hugh was on a transplant list for a kidney. Right then and there, Mark said he’d give him his. He started researching the organ donation process and learned about a voucher system where Hugh could be moved up on the list.

Mark’s generous donation inspired his wife to look into being a donor as well. She came across the story of 2-year-old Cooper, who had been on dialysis since 8-months-old. She used the voucher system for Cooper and saved his life!  Now Mark is biking on what he calls an “Organ Trail” raising awareness about the lack of donors for those on the list.  And they both got to meet their kidney recipients on “Today!”