A Prepper Reveals What She Keeps in Her Pantry — And What You Should Have, Too

As many people across the country have now stocked up their pantries due to social distancing over the Coronavirus, a Detroit prepper shares her tips on what you should have in your pantry.  Deborah D. Moore, author of “A Prepper’s Cookbook,” says that everyone should have a short-term “working” pantry that is filled with food your family eats the most like beans, canned meats and fish, and soup. Moore says “flour, sugar, salt, yeast, cooking oil, and dry pasta,” are the foundation of a “working” pantry.

As for long-term “retreat” pantry Moore says the biggest difference is the amount stored and the method of storage. So instead of a 5 pound bag of potatoes, Moore says store potato flakes because they have a longer shelf life.  Don’t forget aluminum foil, plastic bags, paper plates, can opener, and comfort foods like Jell-O and popcorn.