A Free Survey To Help With Your Mental Health

In these dark times, you’re probably feeling an assortment of not-so-good emotions. If reaching out to a therapist is not an option, there’s a free online website that might help, OK Whatever reports.

Called “You Feel Like S**t,” it’s an interactive flow chart that asks questions about your mental health and provides answers on how to improve it. Nothing is too simple to be overlooked, with the survey asking questions like “Have you eaten in the last four hours?” and “Have you taken any medications you need to take?” The solutions it offers are equally easy to implement and change depending on how you answer the prompts. Some of them include “take deep, calm breaths,” “splash water on your face,” “make tea,” and “write in a journal.”

The survey was first posted online in 2015, but never has it seemed more relevant than now.  Take the survey HERE.