For those who are feeling acute wanderlust while stuck at home waiting out the coronavirus, the New York Times put together this list of shows that can take you “all over the world, from the comfort (and confines) of your couch.” Here are 10 of their picks (you can see the rest HERE):

  1. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Hulu) – The late celeb chef visits places big and small, and samples the regional food while mingling with the locals.
  2. Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix) – The Everybody Loves Raymond creator travels the world to “go to the source” of his favorite foods.
  3. Travel Man: 48 Hours In … (Hulu) – British comedian Richard Ayoade visits great cities around the world for 48 hours while traveling with a celeb guest.
  4. Our Planet (Netflix) – Narrator David Attenborough examines the beauty of our natural world through the eyes of a conservationist.
  5. Sense8 (Netflix) – this dramatic series by the Wachowski siblings has exotic locations built into its premise, connecting eight strangers in eight cities with each others’ lives and worlds.
  6. The Night Manager (Amazon Prime) – The le Carré spy drama features great landscapes of the continent, including Switzerland, Marrakesh and Spain.
  7. Killing Eve (Hulu) – This BBC America series follows spies as they trek mostly around European locales like Tuscany, Berlin, Bucharest, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and more.
  8. Wallander (Hulu) – This detective series starring Kenneth Branagh features the stunning locales of the southern Swedish coast.
  9. Occupied (Netflix)- This political thriller series offers looks at both rural and urban Norway.
  10. Babylon Berlin (Netflix) – This period series about Weimar Germany makes use of Berlin’s many historical locations, as well as the German countryside.