17 Kids Who Are Fed Up With Their Parents’ Reactions to the Coronavirus Pandemic

There has been a lot of news about how teens and young adults aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously, but apparently there are some parents out there who are equally guilty, at least according to Buzzfeed. The site put together 17 social media posts from kids who aren’t too happy with the way their (mostly boomer) parents are dismissing the impact of the scary virus. Here are 10 of the better posts (you can see all HERE.

  1. “My fricken 60-something year old mom is MOCKING the dang virus! She actually threw a COVID PARTY. Can’t get her to take it seriously. What’s up with hard headed Boomers?!”
  2. “Baby boomers don’t give a single f**k about this virus. My dad is from the hood so he claims he seen worse .. he like y’all grew up in the suburbs that’s why u scared grinding us up.”
  3. “trying to explain to my boomer parents how serious this virus is and all my mom had to say was “we increased our vitamin intake so we’ll be fine :)” how do I gently explain that her ignorance could get her very ill”
  4. “My parents are planning to come to help me move. I asked my mom if she still thought that was a good idea. She like you worried we might give you the virus. No ma’am, YOU’RE OLD IM
    WORRIED ABOUT YOU. She like we ain’t your average 60 year olds…okay Boomer.”
  5. “Are any of y’all’s baby boomer a** parents saying that this is a conspiracy theory. My dad is running me ragged. If I catch this virus know that it was his fault. Because he won’t chill the f**k out”
  6. “My mom is ignoring me because I’ve been telling her what to do amid this corona virus outbreak. Ugh being in charge of a boomer is CHALLENGING.”
  7. “why is it so hard to get boomers to do things to prevent corona? i had to yell at my dad for him to wash his hands what the f**k if one of these days i contract the virus its not my fault good bye”
  8. “My dad is trying to go get his hair cut right now. WHY? He’s 72 and most at risk for the damn virus.”
  9. “My mom just said “I’m not going to get corona virus so don’t worry about me!” This is someone who gets bronchitis with every cold, has diabetes and high blood pressure. The arrogance of baby boomers sure is something to see!”
  10. “My dad is being a typical Boomer & isn’t worried about this virus. Yet here I am, worrying enough for my entire family”