16 Funny Tweets for Those Who are Suddenly Quarantined With Their Significant Other

For those who have suddenly found themselves spending a lot of quality time at home with their significant other, Buzzfeed put together this list of funny tweets that are sure to resonate. Here are 10 of them (you can see the rest HERE):

  1. “Husband starts working from home tomorrow. He stopped at the market on the way home today, so he could pick up a few things to have in the house. Reader, he came home with 7lbs of Cadbury Mini Eggs.”
  2. “Me: (an introvert that works from home) Welcome to my sanctuary, my love! My wife (an extrovert working from home for the first time): I will escape your prison and defeat you, you scumbag.”
  3. “my wife, a lawyer, is working from home. i believe this *technically* makes the pugs paralegals”
  4. “day 4 of quarantine: girlfriend still doesn’t know how to spell quarantine. every couple hours i hear her whisper it into her voice text so she doesn’t have to try to type it out.”
  5. “my boyfriend just got down on one knee and said “will you be my quarantine partner?”
  6. “Day 1 of me and my boyfriend both working from home: it’s 8.54am and we aren’t on speaking terms after an argument about him typing too loudly. Looks like this is going to go well.”
  7. “my boyfriend promised working from home and never going outside wouldn’t make him any weirder but now he’s eating a whole Chinese cabbage at 10:13AM”
  8. “everyone is talking about the baby boom that’s coming nine months after quarantine, but no one is talking about how the divorce rate is gonna skyrocket.”
  9. “hour 38 of self-quarantine: my girlfriend thought it was Monday. I thought it was Sunday. It’s Saturday.”
  10. “Couple’s quarantine is going great! My girlfriend and I have already had sex twice, and broken up 11 times…whoops, she’s got a knife, gotta go!”