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2nd Date Update

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Recent 2nd Date Update

Becca & Ricky

Possibly the most HATED guy we have EVER had on a Second Date!!!...

Frank & Jenna

If you thought getting pulled over by the cops was the WORST thing...

Kipling & Mona

One of our listeners went one a date with a girl and was...

Adam & Rhen

A gentleman is hard to come by these days, and a gentleman with...

Evan & Chrissy

The guy in today’s Second Date was brave (read: Dumb) enough to ask...

David & Theresa

David and Theresa went on a date after meeting at a dog park,...

Kyle & Megan

Think about the worst possible thing that could happen on a first date…...

Keith & Allison

The guy in today’s Second Date might have officially earned his way into...

Ricky & Kelly

One “first” that you’ll never forget is the first time you try online...


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